The passionflower plant has fascinated me since the first time I saw it growing on a stone wall in Matera, Italy years ago. With it's wild tendrils and exquisite star shaped blooms, it has an other-worldly quality unlike any other flower I'd seen. 

It inspires me because it's as beautiful as it is unusual, inviting you to take a closer look. The uncommon quality of the passionflower speaks to the design aesthetic that I love: textural, luxurious, and a bit untamed- incorporating unexpected garden plants, herbs, and blooms, arranged with a modern sensibility. 

My arrangements are made to complement a gown, a ceremony locale, a reception hall, but are also made to be individual works of delight the senses and infuse the tranquility of nature into a event. 

I am continually amazed and inspired by the ephemeral beauty of flowers, and see each event as a chance to inspire others.