I've been a florist for over 15 years, but I recently fell in love with corsages. I adore fashion design, and jewelry making, but it wasn't until I studied with Francoise Weeks in 2014 that I began combining these loves with my passion for flowers. Once I did, I was freshly inspired, and happy to find that the "updated corsages" I started making excited other people too. I smile when I see images of my cuff corsages on Pinterest and on various floral forums- the interest in them has been a joy to see! I field questions on how to make these guys almost daily, so I hope this post spreads the word about my corsage tutorial. 

I created my tutorial series to be able to share my love for flowers and to pass on what I've learned over the years. It's my hope that they not only offer mechanics and instruction, but also inspiration and encouragement. I see floral design as an art form- and we are artists! It's time we claim this title, and share what we can do with the world. Even if that just means a better corsage.

Cheers to a refreshed inspiration, visit www.passionflowersue.com to view my full line of classes! 

EAmanda Dumouchelle photography finished.jpg