Floral Design Video Tutorial - Shoulder Corsages

shoulder corsage

Corsages are a wedding element that often give florists a headache. I've heard the hesitation, procrastination, and dread surrounding them so many times. It really doesn't have to be that way. Corsages do not need to be adorned with heaps of ribbon and wired flowers. As you know, I'm a self appointed corsage ambassador and I truly think you can learn to love corsages, too.

And, friends, corsages are for more than the wrist! This shoulder corsage is a beauty and can be worn four different ways. If this design looks complicated to you, I assure you it's a design you can execute. My corsage design mechanics do not require wiring flowers, tape or fussy ribbons. And the shoulder corsage is incredibly light weight and easy to wear; it won't pull on dress fabrics or get in the way of movement. Your brides will feel amazing wearing them. This really is a low-stress piece you can create for weddings. 

I offer a video tutorial dedicated simply to the shoulder corsage. You'll see me step-by-step creating this design and you'll also receive transcripts with a list of the materials used to create it. Following the tutorial I'm confident you could begin offering these unique pieces to your brides.

Floral Design Video Tutorial - Floral Tattoos

Susan McLeary floral tattoo 4.jpg

I've referred to myself as the self-appointed corsage ambassador and, while I love a good corsage, floral tattoos just may be my newest favorite floral obsession. They are stunning, artful, and fashion-forward. I would be thrilled if they became the future of wearable florals. Floral tattoos can trail down the arm, hand, back and even up around the neck. The possibilities are as far as your design mind will take you.

While the designs are intricate, the process is not as time-intensive as it may appear. My video tutorial outlines the process step-by-step so you can design these beauties yourself. This tutorial really gives you the opportunity and encouragement to play and create. 

Take a peek at my floral tattoo tutorial, and all my course offerings over here.

Floral Design Video Tutorial - Floral Structures

Susan McLeary floral design tutorials hanging structures

I'm thrilled to be releasing the newest video in my floral design tutorials, which breaks down the mechanics of creating floral structures. The sheer size of large scale installations can sometimes seem overwhelming. I make the design process approachable for florists, from novice to professional. As we cover each type of structure from arches to garlands to hanging structures, you will learn how to incorporate the techniques into a variety of designs and gain the confidence to create sturdy, foam-free installations. 


Learn my go-to mechanics for sturdy, foam-free arches, chuppahs, and climbing designs. You will also gain confidence in ordering and planning for large scale designs commonly asked for.

Versatile Garland

Learn how to make sturdy, foam-free floral garlands, wall pieces, mantle pieces, and hanging pillars. These flexible, cost-effective designs will save you time and resources.

Hanging Structures

Learn clever mechanics for foam-free hanging structures where using very few stems can create a unique, impressive design.


Two extra bonus sessions are included with the floral structures tutorial. I had so much information to share I had to create these bonuses! Head on over to my shop to learn about them and to reserve your tutorials.