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When I started out as a florist, the class offerings were incredibly dated, and I had to learn the long, hard way. Because of this, I focus only on current styles, updated techniques, and the best tips and tricks I've learned over the years. The one-day customized one-on-one/small group floral intensives offered in my studio are for hobbyists, professional florists, and farmer-florists.


Each one-day intensive lasts 6-7 hours and will consist of 3 floral technique topics of your choosing, lunch + snacks, a generous selection of flowers, use of vessels + props, studio space for styling your completed pieces, professional photography of you and your work, and a model. Complete the inquiry form below, indicating the three topic areas you wish to study. A floral intensive schedule and flower list will be created for you, using flowers as locally sourced as possible, special, and of the highest quality.


One-day studio intensives begin at $1,950 for one person + $1,000 for each additional participant, up to five total participants. Please note all payments are due one month prior to instruction and are non-refundable.

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